Outsource the Startup phase

We will take care of creating your startup & if you wish, even managing it till it become profitable.

Let's start Offers

Building your startup for you

We will take of everything from A to Z, and that include website & Apps development, marketing, PR, sales, managing, business development, etc...

Develop Web & Apps

We create the website and the mobiles apps / or software.

Full Marketing

We take care of all the marketing both on-line and off-line.


We create strategies and bring sales/ or downloads.


We take care of the day to day operation + set plans & strategies.

From a business idea to a company

We are not about outsourcing web development, or outsourcing marketing, or outsourcing sales , management, etc ... We are the whole package!

Highly specialised & dedicated teams

Let the professionals take care of bringing you idea to life, technical and business wise.

Making a startup succeed will require the cooperation between many professionals, even if you are a technical founder you will need a lot of technical help, yes that's right, add to that the business and marketing part. If you have no technical skills, no need to worry, we have everything covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you require an answer to a question not figuring below please contact us.

We have a monthly subscription model, in which you decide the budget you want to invest in your project, it starts from $900 monthly to $60k. We also have another model, in which we take a lower fee -starting $600/month- in addition to equity in the project.
We do offer Software as a service, starting $400/month or by quote, but our main offer is "startup as a service", which is much larger, our main offer consists of all the services that a company need in-order to run smoothly, and that include: marketing, sales, managing, business development, etc...
Yes, any project we manage, will be run from inside a business incubator allowing it to have the full functioning of a standard company, and when the project grows big enough, we will even incorporate it in your specific country/state. Meaning that there will be no obstacles to halt the process or growth of your idea.
It is normal, as the startup grow, it will require more and more dedicated time. In case, the startup have a revenue model we will tap into it to fuel the further growth. If the startup do not have a revenue model, we will need to agree with you on one, or help you find investors, or increase the agreed upon fees (all the details are in the contract).
In early startup stage, while in incubator, you will be "founder", in later startup/company stage, when we already incorporated the company you will be founder & CEO. You can take back the company at any time, there is a small transition period, during which we deliver the know how and the operations. All the details will be documented in the contract/deal.

Our Offers

No equity: Starting $1500/month, the higher the budget the faster the execution, and the more people assigned to the project.

With equity: Starting $900/month, the deals are negotiated on individual basis.

Software only: Starting $600/month or quoted specifically, In case you need us to be your "CTO", and take care of only the tech part of your project.

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